May 27th

The next big step for Check

To all of our customers,

Today we announced that Check has agreed to be acquired by Intuit. I’d like to share some information about what this means for Check and our community of partners and customers.

Intuit’s personal finance and budgeting solutions provide a picture of where you’re spending your money to help you plan for the future. Check brings a mobile app that allows consumers to take action with their money and help them accomplish every day financial tasks like paying bills. This combination is very powerful and is what drew us to Intuit.

We at Check have worked hard to create the best, most efficient way for you to access your money and pay your bills from anywhere and our plans are to continue down this path. Business will continue as usual, we’ll continue to deliver the great service you expect from Check.  Once the deal closes in the coming months, with Intuit behind us, we will accelerate our efforts. We will continue serving our customers with the same dedication and keep you updated on any exciting news along the way.

We are thrilled to join a company with similar values and a shared commitment to delivering the very best personal finance solutions that become a part of our customers’ everyday lives.

Thank you for your continued support.


Guy Goldstein
CEO, Check

Still curious about today’s news? Please visit this page or read the press release for more information.

7 Responses to The next big step for Check

  1. I think that working with Intuit will be an asset. I find Check very useful. For some time, I’ve been using Manilla, which you no doubt know is closing down their operation at the end of this month. I downloaded both of them about the same time, but used Manilla exclusively. I didn’t go just to Manilla because it was necessarily better software, but it had one big advantage…I could sync it on my laptop and have my financial information always at my fingertips.

    I hope Check will consider making an app that can be used on the Mac operating system. Even if you sold that version, I would want it because I really love the convenience of having my financial information available whenever and wherever I need it.

    Thanks for a quality product.

  2. Will anything change with the website or app? Or will Intuit be silent on the merger and just add additional support?

    I’m sure more will be learned once everything is final, but wasn’t sure if there were any plans to add, remove, change any features. Will Check still be called Check?

    • Hi Amber, nothing at this time will be changing with the website or app, and we will continue to go by “Check”. We’ll be sure to share any news about changes as a result of the acquisition as we learn more!

  3. I was going to pay my payment but I got to the last page. It showed an amount of $5.??. The other companies I deal with do not charge a fee for making a payment. So I withdrew my payment.

    Although it will be an inconvenience to me, I will go to Belks, pay my bill in person. Surely there won’t be an extra charge. I’ll be very careful about charging anything else to this account.

    Glenda Newby

    • Hi Glenda, thanks for the message and feedback. Our Bill Pay feature is free if you use your bank account to pay your bill. Make sure to select “Standard” speed (fees apply for our expedited service).

  4. I find and use apps like Check because they are NOT Intuit. Intuit is like the Microsoft of financial software services. They haven’t innovated for years and they end up buying up companies only to shut them down, or integrate the product in a way that no longer serves the original customer. I’m sure you guys are happy with the acquisition, but my gut is that this won’t end well for customers. I’m not excited about it. I’ll reserve final judgment for 6-12 months.

  5. Saurabh Pathak

    This is great for the owners of Check… For all of us users it means we have to look for a new app…. Intuit is going to kill this app one way or other ….RIP Check…