May 6th

Pageonce is Now Check!


To All Our Valued Users,

I’m proud to announce that we have changed our company name -
Pageonce is now Check!

I wanted to personally write and let you know about the exciting news. We continually strive to evolve and enhance our product to provide you with the best service possible. As a part of this effort, we felt the time was right to take the leap and change our name. Rest assured, despite the name change, we are still the same company and app that we hope you’ve been enjoying over the years.

To help shed some light on the name change, here are some answers to questions you might have:

Why a new name?
We felt it was extremely important for our company name to accurately reflect what we do TODAY. When we launched in 2008, Pageonce made sense because our focus was to give people a way to access all their online accounts (email, rewards, travel, etc.) from “one page.” Since then, we’ve evolved into a mobile app that focuses on personal finance – offering a unique way to stay on top of your bills & money while on-the-go. Given the evolution of our product, a new name was necessary.

Why “Check”?
We debated changing our name for over a year, holding out for the right fit. When we found the name Check, we felt an immediate connection. Check is short, easy to visualize, and easy to remember. It also has many meanings, all of which are relevant to what we do. Check can represent an alternative to the old days of paper checks. It can symbolize a check mark against financial tasks, such as paying your bills. It can even mean keeping all parts of your life, including your finances, in check.

Will the app change?
Aside from our new app icon and logo, our application will not change. You will continue to experience the same great features you’re used to – with more on the way!

If you have a moment, please visit us at our new home:

We’ve also developed a video about Check that we think you’ll enjoy: Check it out here!

And if you haven’t already updated your app to Version 6.0 (featuring our new app icon and logo!), you can get it here:
•BlackBerry 10 (coming soon!)

In closing, I couldn’t be more excited about our new name, and hope that you love it as much as we do.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Guy Goldstein
Check CEO

2 Responses to Pageonce is Now Check!

  1. When will you update the windows phone app? When is the windows 8 app coming?

    • Hi Will, we have decided to hold off developing and releasing our app for the Windows platform. We understand this is a huge disappointment for our highly devoted Windows users. Despite the bad news for now, we promise to re-visit this decision on a quarterly basis and let you know when the time is right and we are ready to support your platform again.