Nov 15th

Pageonce’s Cure for the Bill Pay Pains

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Need more reason to try out Pageonce Bill Pay? Andrew Waterman, Pageonce’s Director of Product, sheds insight on the nuisance of traditional bill pay and offers Pageonce’s solution to ease the pain and hassle of paying bills.

How do you feel about paying the bills?

Confused Man Reading a Bill or Bank Statement

Too many bills to pay, too many different things to do.
Checks to write. Websites to login to. Hours wasted every week.
Uncertainty where that money will come from. Waiting for the paycheck.
Late fees. APR fees. Bank fees. Annual fees.
Fear. Hassle. Pain.
It hurts.

Why is paying bills so painful? It’s an age-old tradition every one of us has to undertake.

Bills compose 50% of household spending.

Let’s examine the current options offered to us:

Checks 30-35% of Americans
Many Americans stick to tradition and sit down at the kitchen table to write checks, buy stamps, seal them in envelopes, and drop them in the mail slot, week after week, month after month.

Downside: Slow and time-consuming
This process can take 30 minutes per bill plus $0.50 for the stamp. The burden is entirely on you to remember when to pay and drop the bill in the mail in time to avoid those late fees.

My example: I just received a $10 late fee on a $30 electricity bill. I already spent half an hour to pay that bill and send the check to avoid the $3.50 fee the website charged. Now I have to take another half an hour to call and dispute the late fee.

Biller Direct 30-35% of Americans
The billers want you to come to their website to pay the bill each month, so they can upsell you to a handful of new services each time you log in. They usually let you pay using your bank or credit card.

Downside: Too complex
Many people don’t want to create another account with yet another biller. Too many different websites, usernames, and passwords to remember for every different biller. This can take hours. Not to mention fees: Some big billers keep it free. But all the rest, particularly utilities, charge hefty fees.

Banks 20-25% of Americans
More and more banks big and small now offer Bill Pay free of charge to keep you using their bank account, not the next bank’s. You can login to their website, input your biller information, and tell them when to pay. They can even automatically send the same amount every month if you choose.

Downside: Not much help
The bank doesn’t know anything about your bills. It’s still your responsibility to keep on top of when bills are due and how much. If you have accounts with multiple banks, you still need to pay separately from each bank. For some reason they don’t let you pay with a credit card.

Auto-Pay 15-20% of Americans
Many billers now let you set up auto-pay to let them automatically debit your credit card or bank account on the due date every month. This provides the convenience of not thinking about the bill ever again. So why don’t Americans flock to this option?

Downside: No control
Most people don’t trust the billers to take their money automatically every month. What if the paycheck hasn’t arrived yet? What if you’re short on cash? What if there’s an overage charge on your wireless bill, how will you know?

The Pageonce Cure
Pageonce’s mission is to ease the pain of paying bills for every American. Americans feel enough strain in these tough economic times. We should feel confidence paying the bills every month — not fear, hassle, and pain.

Our solution is simple: We give you one single place to go to pay all your bills in just a few minutes. That’s it.

  • We keep track of your bills for you. We tell you exactly when to pay them and how much you owe. Pageonce works with your billers, banks, and credit card companies to take a look at your bills and accounts daily. We send you reminders when your bills are due so you never face a late fee again.
  • We let you pay however you want, from any account you want. Pay the energy bill from your credit card. Pay the wireless bill with your debit card. Pay the credit card bill straight from your bank account via eCheck.
  • We let you pay every bill. The average American pays 8-10 bills per month. Through Pageonce you can pay them all. Not only standard national or state billers: credit cards, wireless bills, mortgage, loans, utilities, insurance, internet, television. Also all the small local bills you typically pay with checks: your rent, your child’s daycare or preschool, violin lessons, soccer league, PTA fees, water bill, or girl scouts.
  • It’s easy. Access Pageonce on your smartphone or the web. We’ve streamlined the process to be as simple and easy as possible. We figure out account numbers and routing numbers for you, so you don’t have to think about it. Handle your bills anywhere you want – waiting for coffee, in a meeting, while watching TV, on a beach if you want.

Give it a try. Cure the pain once and for all. Let us know what you think.

11 Responses to Pageonce’s Cure for the Bill Pay Pains

  1. “We let you pay every bill…..Also all the small local bills you typically pay with checks: your rent, your child’s daycare or preschool, violin lessons, soccer league, PTA fees, water bill, or girl scouts.”

    The above appears to be patently false unless I’m missing something. You CANNOT pay any bill using Pageonce’s bill payer unless the service provider is supported by Pageonce.

    • Not patently false — just a preview of what’s to come :) We are working hard on letting you pay local bills and it will go live soon.

  2. Please give windows phone this feature!

  3. I don’t see a way to pay local (non-automatic) bills anywhere in the iPhone app or the web. Am I overlooking it, or is this a new feature that hasn’t been rolled out yet?

    • The latter — we’re working hard to get this feature of paying local bills out to everyone very soon. Keep an eye out in the coming months.

  4. No amount of asking will bring you all to update the app for the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem which is sad. I don’t EVER look on going back to the Apple ecosystem and will never go to Android. I will PAY upwards of $30 for this functionality within the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you simply make it a paid app it will pay off. Maybe not initially as great as Apples ecosystem, but it will.

    Henry – Pageonce & Windows Phone 8 lover

    • Thanks for the enthusiastic suggestion. It’s great to hear about such demand for Bill Pay on Windows Phone. We’ll take this into consideration as we plan our roll-out on new platforms soon.

  5. This would be great, but I can’t find the new features in my Windows Phone app. Will we see the updates in our app?

    • Hi JD, we currently don’t have any plans to update for Windows, however if this changes we will be sure to let you know!

  6. The best app period.